Friday, October 11, 2013

A New Family Activity

I recently learned about Letterboxing. Geocaching never really excited me, but as soon as I read about Letterboxing I was ready to drive to the nearest location. Basically, there is a website ( where you can search for boxes and clues to boxes. When you find a box it contains a rubber stamp that you add to your Letterbox journal and a notebook in which you add your own stamp, name and date you found the box.

It's been a rainy week, but just misty today so I asked Josiah and Aliza if they wanted to go on a treasure hunt. When they found out the treasure was a stamp they weren't so excited. My aunt and cousins are visiting from out West and Hannah said she'd go with me...then Aliza and Josiah decided they would go to. (I apologize for the pathetically blurry pictures. I had to grab them quick!)

We found the spot...
Dug a little....and found the box! I admit I was probably the most excited.
Aliza opened the box.
...and revealed the stamp. How appropriate.
We stamped our books.

And then covered the box back up. Aliza and Josiah were totally ready to find another box. Me too! Too bad there aren't any more within our normal driving range.

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Christie said...

That is so awesome!!! Got to get on the website right now and check it out.