Friday, April 25, 2014


A new tradition may have been started this year. We made Resurrection Rolls. A marshmallow is dipped in butter, then cinnamon sugar and then is wrapped tightly in a crescent roll. The marshmallow represents the body of Jesus and the roll represents the tomb. As the roll cools after baking, the marshmallow melts and disappears making a hollow place in the roll and an empty tomb. It's a fun visual for the kids and a yummy snack.
Grandma Karen was with us and she had Easter gifts for the children.
New nightgowns for the girls!
Easter morning Jeremy and I gave the children Easter baskets with gifts of colors that reminded them of parts of the Biblical Easter story. The colors are Aliza's expectation now and she knows what each color represents. Pretty cool. Then it was off to church and dinner at Mom and Dad's house. Brian's family and Laura and John were able to be there and after dinner we had an Easter egg hunt.

Ezra had his own egg hunt first. He was so cute carrying around that basket that was about as big as he is. He had lots of help!

Then Anna got a head start before the big kids took over. The big ones had to wait at the end of the sidewalk.  "Who's excited to hunt Easter eggs?"
"Jump up and down if you are excited to hunt Easter eggs"
"Hop on one foot if you are excited...."
"Hop on one leg and turn in a circle if you are excited..."
And then, finally, they were released!!!

It was a sunny day, but the wind was cold! So after opening their eggs inside, Great Gramma made them sit on the couch (Anna was napping) to open their bags from her. Only Great Gramma can insist that these children sit in a row and hold their bags until she has taken a picture or 2 before they open them!
These cousins played for most of the afternoon. Our children got to spend the evening with their Grandma Karen and they had a great time. The girls woke her up Monday morning ready for chatter and some heart to heart talks. It was a really sweet morning to wrap up a good weekend.

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