Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our Weekend in Texas::Story 2

After a quick 45 minute nap and a (much needed) shower, it was time for the wedding rehearsal luncheon. It was held on the patio of a Greek restaurant. I had never had a full Greek meal. It was a fun location and the food was really good. I was a bit surprised that the wind was chilly and I had goosebumps!

After lunch we arrived at Carothers Gardens for the wedding rehearsal. It is a lovely venue with a short walk to a beach on Galveston Bay. Brandi and I were not involved in the rehearsal so we enjoyed the beach for a few minutes. After rehearsal we went to Josh and Sarah's house to load up all of the wedding decorations and then unloaded them at the venue. 

One of the things that was loaded in Van and Karen's car were heavy glass end tables. They laid the back seat down and put the tables on top. When Van unloaded the tables he realized that his trumpet (he played the processional and recessional for the wedding) was under the seat (and the tables) in a soft case. He opened the case to find that the metal had been bent from the weight of the tables and the valves could not move. It was devastating. The locals started calling people and posting on facebook to try to find a trumpet. The next morning Van told us the rest of the story... He was walking around the garden, very sad, and asking the Lord what he should do. He googled something and found a brass restoration place in Houston. He called the guy (half an hour before the store closed). The guy doesn't normally pass out advice, but he told Van to hold the bell of the trumpet against his chest and pull the tubes apart, therefore, bending the metal back in shape. Van tried it and, sure enough, one valve started moving and he pulled some more and soon all 3 valves were working. He started playing and Karen heard it from inside the building and knew beyond a doubt it was Van's trumpet. No one could believe it. The story gave us all goosebumps when we heard it...especially those of us who know that Van has been practicing for A YEAR to be ready to play for this wedding.
We could have hung out with Sarah's parents and family for the evening, but the 4 of us were done--especially Brandi and I. So back to the hotel we went for another rest, but, of course, I couldn't really sleep. It was soon time for supper and the 4 of us (Joel, Brandi, Jeremy and I) used our phone resources to decide on a place to eat. We had some specific food requirements and we ended up at this place.
And when we went in it looked like this--
Not exactly what we had in mind, but apparently all of us were too tired (awake for about 18 hours by now) to suggest we try again. So we sat down, a little self conscious about our attire (until later when others were seated who were all dressed casually), and ordered a simple meal considering the restaurant. Jeremy enjoyed a steak. Brandi had a salad and Joel and I had the last 2 burgers in the kitchen. Those were some high quality burgers! haha.

While we were eating Joel and Brandi remembered Blue Bunny ice cream that you can pretty much only get in Texas. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a grocery store to pick some up. I was a *little* emotional by this point so Jeremy and Joel were acting completely ridiculous to diffuse the emotions. So embarrassing....but they are SO brothers!
Brandi and I ironed our husbands wedding clothes while they went out for some brother time with Josh and the best man. 22 hours after we woke up that morning Brandi and I went to bed. The guys got back to the hotel at 12:30am which with the time change was exactly 24 hours since they had slept. Let me tell you--I am not made for all nighters. Pregnant or not.

We did not set the alarm clock. I did not care if we missed breakfast. Actually I did because I asked my mother-in-law to save us food if she didn't see us by the time breakfast was put away.

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