Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Weekend in Texas::Story 1

I can find the motivation to write a story at a time so there will be multiple posts this week about our trip to Houston for Jeremy's brother's wedding. The stories will be in chronological order.

I had a personal policy. Jeremy and I would not fly on the same flight without our children. This would protect our children from being orphans should the plane go down. You can see my level of trust with flying! Jeremy quotes statistics to me all the time...I know...flying is "safer" than driving. We had hoped to take the children (and my Mom) with us to the wedding, but it just wasn't a realistic option for an event packed weekend. So Thursday evening we dropped our children off to my parents for 4 nights. Aliza left me notes during the day before we left the house. She really cried when we left. It's ok...I cried too.
"I never want another mom." "Mom I love you."
Jeremy and I crawled in bed at 9:30pm and set the alarm for 1:20am to head to Baltimore for the airport. We arrived at 4am for our 5:45am flight. At this point we were remarking how responsible we have become in our old age to arrive for a flight within the recommended time. Joel and Brandi arrived at the same time in extended stay parking and we took the bus to the terminal. As we approached the security line, I realized I did not have my wristlet with me (my purse for the weekend). It contained my ID, check card, phone and camera. It was in the console of our car--parked in extended parking. Jeremy and I headed down to baggage claim to catch a bus back to extended stay parking. We were the only ones on the bus and I told the driver what we were doing. She told us to get off at the first stop, run to our car and meet her back at our stop #14. It worked out perfectly and we were headed back to the terminal for the 2nd time. My husband is so laid back. He did not say or insinuate with body language that he was upset or annoyed with me. I deserved at least a profound eye roll and a guilt trip! We met Joel and Brandi at the gate and started boarding at 5:05am.

I did not do a good job of taking care of pregnant me that morning. I did not want to start eating at 2am! So I fought being hungry until 7am when we could buy breakfast in the plane. That was a bad idea. I was very uncomfortable during the flight to Houston. I survived and we saw the sun rise.
We arrived in Houston, bright and early, at 8:00am! I had totally counted on being able to sleep in the car and plane. None of us slept at all. We all must have been tired. It took us a bit to figure out how to get to the rental car area. We got our car and headed straight to the nearest Starbucks for much needed caffeine and food. Joel thought the Wings restaurant looked good and we all kindof scratched our heads for a minute as to why it wasn't was not even 10am yet! Starbucks was perfect and we made the drive to our hotel.

I was the driver at this point. We were on a 2 lane road with cement blocks on the right side. I was in the right lane, minding my own business when a Tahoe crossed the middle line beside us. I swerved in the shoulder, remembering just in time the cement blocks beside me. All was well...but there were a few people saying Thank you Jesus in our car!

We arrived to the hotel a little before 11. Jeremy's parents were at the same hotel and they met us in the lobby. Jeremy and Joel went to the counter and asked if we could possibly check in early. There was no questions or hesitation--we were checked in upon arrival! I had prayed for this small favor. I desperately wanted a nap, a shower and a moment to myself before rehearsal lunch scheduled for 12:30pm that day.

That covers the first 12 hours of what I call a "double day."

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