Sunday, April 6, 2014

Recently in School...

I've been looking around my house recently and getting really frustrated with myself that I'm not "keeping up" with housework beyond the normal tidying up, cooking meals, laundry and washing dishes. After a few days of putting myself down I remembered that, in fact, I educate my children at home and that takes additional time, focus and preparation which means that something has else has to give. I'm sure every home school mom faces this and what gives is different for each mom. For me, it is "extra" housework. The bright side is that summer is coming and I'll be working on this house...I hope!

We've been working hard in school and really keeping at it. I want summer vacation! At this point in time I am not even remotely interested in a year round school year. Nope. I want to work hard, get it done and take a nice long break. I have our end date on the calendar!

Aliza did a science unit that produced much anguish and tears. She learned about body systems. Particularly the circulatory and the respiratory system, she could not handle. Just the word "blood or blood vessel" sent her into a dither. The unit activity was a body map showing the different systems. When Josiah and Anna also wanted their bodies traced, Aliza became the teacher and everyone completed the project with no drama.
It was pretty cool to see Aliza step into the teacher role.
Josiah made some pine cone bird feeders.
And this is a penguin. Use your imagination! Josiah was learning about arctic climates. He completed the sentence "If I lived in the Arctic I would...". with ...."mine for gold." I guess maybe that would work in Alaska.
We also finished our spring semester of co-op. We attended the family night presentation. The older kids learned how to use Power Point and they gave presentations. After the program we went to Dairy Queen. This was the first time we took the children to Dairy Queen. It's in the direction opposite of home. Josiah LOVED his ice cream cone.
Aliza wasn't so sure she would like the ice cream. What is wrong with this child?? haha. But the picture of a smoothie on the menu caught her eye and she really liked it.
Tomorrow I hit the 12 week mark of pregnancy. Is that really possible? I'm just hungry and tired. I can't complain at all. Now to see how long I can stay out of maternity clothes. So far my jeans still fit. I think I made it to 16 weeks the first time and it's been a bit shorter each time after that.

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