Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Joy Dare::April

1315. Nice enough to play outside for a little while
1316. "Hang out" phone call with my Mom while we are both taking care of children
1317. Aliza loves her dance costume
1318. Josiah telling me the words he can read
1319. Comfort food for supper tonight
1320. To remember--raise children with the ultimate them in mind. Because you love the ultimate them enough to not give in to every whim of the immediate them
1321. Testimonies at the Young Life banquet
1322. Josiah working on his paper independently and being so proud when he bring them finished to me
1323. Visiting my sister
1324. Going to the library to check out a book about dolphins for Aliza's first report that requires an outside source
1325. Aliza so very cooperative at her Dr. appt and she and I both left with our self esteem intact
1326. Josiah and Anna had a blast with Grandad. "We played games the whole time!"
1327. First trip to Dairy Queen for the kids.
1328. Walking around in the mall and only buying what I set out to buy
1329. Long weekend nap
1330. Lots of laughing in the back seats of the car tonight
1331. Spring clothes in drawers
1332. Car floor free of trash and debris
1333. Josiah told me he prayed and asked Jesus to live in his heart
1334. Josiah so cooperative during his well check
1335. Peace of mind and heart
1336. I would still choose to marry Jeremy
1337. Warm spring rain
1338. A neighbor thinking to let us know of a local crime situation
1339. Aliza sang really well for the adults during Bible Study opening
1340. Jeremy to my rescue to salvage my supper flop
1341. Birds chirping in the morning
1342. Sweet notes
1343. The day went according to my plan
1344. Children happy with my parents
1345. Landed safely in Houston
1346. Able to check in to our hotel room early after being awake since 1:20am
1347. Protection from an accident
1348. A fun adventure with Brandi
1349. A new sister in law. Josh and Sarah happily married.
1350. A restful sleep last night
1351. Helping with wedding clean up
1352. Visiting with Josh and Sarah in their home
1353. Safely home
1354. Our family heading home--together
1355. The children had an amazing fun time with their grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles
1356. Mom looked rested and relaxed when I arrived to pick up my children
1357. Getting back in routine
1358. A book I don't want to put down
1359. Children adjusting to being home going so much better than I expected
1360. Mom came over this afternoon and did some things around the house while I took a nap
1361. Coloring eggs and happy playing
1362. Unexpected kitchen gifts--that will be so useful!
1363. Eating apples on the porch together
1364. Aliza wants to help with homework
1365. Good Friday church service
1366. The first grass cutting of the season
1367. 3 children so excited to see Grandma Karen
1368. Resurrection rolls
1369. Maxi dress
1370. Great Easter songs and singing
1371. Easter story colors in baskets, hunting eggs and ham dinner
1372. Listening to Aliza and Anna talk to Grandma Karen quite early this morning
1373. Nobody was ready to Grandma Karen to go home
1374. Warm enough to play outside quite a bit today
1375. Anna got on a bike and took off. She pedaled with all her might!
1376. Good attitudes
1377. Aliza (happily) sets the table for supper just about every night
1378. Anna looking so angelic sleeping by me this morning
1379. Josiah running to tell me that he just read "a really big word"
1380. Three little girls napping this afternoon--at the same time
1381. A cool breeze and warm spring sun
1382. Hearing baby's heartbeat
1383. Jeremy was home during breakfast on a morning when I needed help
1384. Making paper airplanes with Andy
1385. A caring dance teacher
1386. Lovely wedding pictures to look at
1387. Sister in pigtails
1388. Jeremy cooking hibachi chicken and fried rice for supper
1389. Heard--"I just realized I really love Aliza." (Josiah)
1390. Jeremy feeling better
1391. Playing Aliza's custom made Lalaloopsy game
1392. Bedtime stories
1393. Being able to call my Mom just to ask a silly question like "How do you pronounce scythe?" And finding out that Aliza's application of her phonics rules was correct.
1394. Leaves and green grass on rainy days
1395. Josiah's new level of cooperation with school
1396. Aliza and Josiah wanting to do things to please me
1397. Learning a new detail in a Bible story that I've read and heard many times

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