Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Weekend in Texas::Story 3

I slept well, in fact so well that my growing baby did not wake me up to use the bathroom. The baby did, however, wake me up for breakfast. Karen had just stashed away from food for us when I appeared for breakfast and Jeremy wasn't too far behind me. I had finished eating when I was told about Texas waffles. I HAD to have one, at least for a picture.  Apparently Texas waffles are only a novelty for us tourists...because you can buy Texas waffle makers at any store. Texans are very proud of Texas. It was nice to sit and visit and catch up with Van and Karen a bit.
So this is day...but the wedding is not until 6:30pm. We all had brunch/lunch with Josh and the guys spent the afternoon hanging out at Josh's house. Brandi and I took the car and set out with the GPS, a plan and a firm fear of Houston traffic in our hearts! Houston traffic turned out to be in our favor. We were in slow traffic for 2 miles going in and had no traffic coming out of Houston. We obeyed the GPS and had no problems finding where we wanted to go.
Our ultimate destination was Sprinkles, a cupcake shop. (It's the pink building in the picture below.) We didn't know until we arrived that there was an Apple store right beside Sprinkles. We did know that there was Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Kate Spade, J. Crew, and Crate and Barrel in the area. We found a great parking a parking lot...and set out.
Being Brandi and I, we, of course, saved Sprinkles for last. This little area of town is unlike anything we have here on the Eastern Shore. We just window shopped and soaked it up. We also loved seeing flowers and greenery.
Anthropologie is always amazing. I had only been in mall stores. The stand alone store was doubly amazing.
How cute is this? If only my Grandma would have know how much she could have sold embroidered hand towels for!!
We tried on a few outfits. I fell in love with that maxi dress, but I did not buy it.
Kate Spade. Oh my goodness. I've never seen so much eye candy in one place. It positively amazes me that people walk in these stores planning to buy things! You can see us in the mirror in the picture below in the fitting area of Kate Spade. Chandeliers in each fitting room--it was outrageous.
And finally, Sprinkles Cupcakes. Such a cute little shop.
We picked our cupcake and took it down the street to Starbucks to eat with sweet tea. My cupcake was chocolate marshmallow. It was yummy!
It was a perfect afternoon.

We drove back to the hotel with just about an hour to rest before it was time to be at the wedding--exactly how we planned it.

Next story will be the wedding!

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