Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Weekend in Texas::Story 5

You know how after the main event is over, you just want to be home and you start really missing your children? That's how it happened for me by Sunday morning. I didn't feel very well in the morning. The plan was to meet Josh and Sarah at the restaurant in the hotel they stayed at for brunch. The published time was 10am and I thought I could make it, but I ended up having to eat before we left. It was a good thing I did because as we were driving to the restaurant we found out the published itinerary was misprinted and the time for brunch was actually 11:00. It worked out because Brandi really wanted to check out the Super Target and I, after visiting Anthropologie, *needed* a maxi dress. Brunch was the only destination that we didn't have an actual GPS address for and we ended up getting lost and Jeremy and I entered the restaurant quite irritated with each other.

What also happened was that I talked to Mom in the Target parking lot and she was telling me how much fun the children were having (more on that in a bit) and I was crying. I would have hopped on a plane right then if I could have.

After brunch we went back to the wedding venue to help Josh and Sarah gather up the wedding decor they needed to take back to their house. While we waited for everyone else to arrive, Jeremy and I got to walk down to the beach and sit for a few minutes.
The saddest part of cleaning up was having to take apart the table bouquets! A lot of flowers were taken to a nursing facility in the area. At least we didn't have to throw all those fresh flowers away! After unloading the wedding stuff, the Heslop family spent a while visiting at Josh and Sarah's house. They opened their gifts. It was nice to visit in their home.

During the afternoon I received some pictures of our kiddos. They had gone swimming (which they are still talking about a week later), had pizza for lunch and ice cream from the Chesapeake Dairy for dessert, and Josiah was fishing. And this was just on Sunday! On Saturday they had spent hours playing in the dirt with Caleb and Gideon. I love watching my kids have fun. It's so very fun for me. I had hit a point in the trip where I felt like I was missing so much fun at home that I thought it would be more fun to be at home than where I was.
We left Josh and Sarah's at 4pm. Killed some time at Starbucks. Arrived at the car rental return at 6pm. Went through security, got to our concourse, ate a leisurely supper, changed into comfy night time flying clothes, found a place for Jeremy to plug in his phone and waited for our flight to start boarding at 8:05pm. We boarded at 8:20 and there were delays for whatever reason. We took off at 9:15pm (scheduled for 8:40pm). We arrived in Baltimore at 1am (only 20 minutes late) and then they had trouble attaching the jetway to the plane. We deboarded at 1:15am. We got a bus to long term parking said a quick good bye to Joel and Brandi and drove home. We arrived home at 4am. Once again I couldn't sleep in the car. I dozed off once and felt us go around a curve. I jolted awake because I was afraid Jeremy had fallen asleep and we were curving off the road! We made a beeline to bed and slept soundly until almost 11am.

And, finally, after 4 nights for them (and 2 nights for me! lol) we picked up our children and brought them home. They were all in their seats and I was one happy Mama.
Thankfully Jeremy stuck close to home last Monday. It made the transition a lot easier for me. I spent the next 4 days utterly exhausted, but I'm all back to normal now!

And that concludes the Texas story! =)

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