Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An Evening with Cousins

So far, in my kids' lives, cousins make the best of friends. We had some make-up birthday party play time with Caleb, Gideon and Ezra on a perfect spring like afternoon. They spent a lot of time outside jumping on the trampoline, just playing and feeding the chickens. There are alos five or six chicks growing in a box in the house. Meghan said the chicks are in their teenage stage and my girls now call them "chicklings."

Isaiah was happy kicking around on the floor and the boys were playing a hot wheels game on the Wii so I took the chance to jump on the trampoline with my girls. They thought that was THE best. It was fun. I even got some exercise!

On such a lovely day, Meghan and I had visions of the children eating on the deck while she and I had a quiet supper at the table. We got all the children situated outside and the wind picked up and started blowing their taco chips. So we moved them back inside, got them re-situated at the table and Meghan, Brian and I ate our tacos standing in the kitchen.
Caleb and Isaiah bonded with funny faces.
Brian trapped a huge beaver yesterday. It was kinda cool to see a beaver up close.
Anna was the only one of my children who would even got remotely close to it. Gideon was checking on its teeth.
Everyone had such a fun time that, or course, no one wanted to come home. We'll be with these guys a lot this summer, I'm pretty sure!

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