Monday, March 30, 2015

Here's What's Happening

I am starting to feel hopeful that school will end this year. The books are getting thinner. The lesson numbers are getting higher. Some of the shorter subjects are getting finished.

It's a good thing I see a few daffodils blooming and the grass getting green because the sky and temperatures are not giving me much indication that it's spring!

I've been trying to patiently wait for my thyroid to adjust again. It was still high after my last adjustment which means I have basically had high thyroid since Isaiah has been born. Since that is 5 months it probably explains the underlying feeling of anxiety I'd been having and the complete panic meltdown I had a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately that happened on a Bible study day and my group saw me at a very low point. But they were gracious and held my baby and prayed for me. Then the next week, that same group of gracious women, saw me come in very late because I was sitting in opening and realized I had no bottle for my baby. I had to go home to get bottles and come back. I hope I've been sufficiently humbled.

I didn't follow the story of Kara Tippetts closely until she passed away. Then I couldn't help myself. I was so intrigued by her story and how she lived largely and loved deeply and showed kindness even as she was suffering and dying. Now I keep thinking about her with Jesus and her family here and how every moment we are given with our loved ones is grace. So I stay in each moment a little longer, hug my children and husband a little harder and grumble about the annoyances a little less. I have a lot to learn.

I love reading books about people. I recently read Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. Of course I only read in small bits, but I didn't want to put this one down. If you want to understand Islam, this is a great book. If you want an intellectual, systematic approach to defending the Quran or the Bible this is a great read. I wish I was as eloquent as the author. It's just a really really great book.

While I'm laying with the children until they fall asleep, I've been reading As We Forgive on my kindle. This is a book of stories of reconciliation from Rwanda after the genocide in the 1990s. I feel much more educated on the genocide in general. The stories are extremely heart wrenching, but the stories of reconciliation and forgiveness are compelling. Forgiveness is powerful. It's time for some lighter reading!

There are legos all over the floor...all the time. Josiah loves his little brother, but he knows that Isaiah is going to be mobile in the near future so he is making plans for his legos. Josiah wants me to clear out his closet (it's very deep and his a light in it) so he can play with legos in there. Josiah also wants me to box up books that on the built in bookcases in his room so that he can store legos on the bookshelf. Smart boy.

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