Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This is how we celebrate Josiah--

Josiah's birthday was on a Saturday--the day that Daddy sleeps in. Josiah woke up extra early and thought he had to wait next to forever for Daddy to wake up! He was pretty tickled with his Lego Fire Station and immediately set to work building it.

Josiah wanted his cousins to come over to play and have birthday lunch with him. They had lots of fun playing. The lunch requirements were Velveeta shells macaroni and cheese, Doritoes, Mountain Dew and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
After lunch Josiah continued working on his Legoes while the others played Wii. =)
At church that evening Grandad had a book for Josiah--How to Catch Bass. He loved that book and spent lots of time looking at it and comparing the tackle he has to what was recommended in the book. On Monday Josiah spent an afternoon working with his Daddy. He LOVES going to Hotdesks with Daddy. He also got to have the day off of school.

This past Saturday was a joint birthday party for Aliza and Josiah. Josiah woke up with pink cheeks and it didn't take me long to realize he had a fever. He sure did a great job shaking off his disappointment and making the most of enjoying his party.
Uncle John hung out with Josiah while he put legos together.
Josiah designed his cake.
I think the favors are the best Pinterest idea I've used so far this year. Little boys thought it was great. Some grown up uncles did too.
Made by Josiah.
Blowing candles on a piece of cake so as not to contaminate the entire cake with germs.
Uncle Joel spent several hours in the afternoon (while Josiah napped) putting together the 90 piece cardboard Minecraft set he and Brandi gave to Josiah. It's pretty neat!
Josiah and the ladies stayed home from church. He played a little and crawled in his new man size sleeping bag. He stayed awake until everyone went to bed. I'm not sure how he made it--his eyes were so heavy.

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