Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This is how we celebrate Aliza--

Aliza's birthday outing request was to go to Panera with me for lunch and Tutti Frutti for dessert. Aliza is big on tradition! This is the third or fourth year we have gone to Panera and Tutti Frutti. We also spent some time browsing at Barnes and Noble. Aliza talked and talked and talked. When we were on our way home she said she didn't know what else to talk about. I suggested the radio and we could sing along...she said, "No. This is my time to talk to you and I'm not wasting it!" I also won't forget how while we were eating I started having a vocal cord spasm cough and Aliza turned into a nurturing young lady handing me water and insisting that I drink and kept asking me if I was ok. She understands now what is happening, but I know she gets concerned because I literally cannot speak when that spasm happens. We had a good time together.

Aliza had a fever on her birthday--so sad--but she did a great job of making the most of her day. We totally surprised her with the American Girl Doll of the Year 2014. It was on sale after I had already purchased her Christmas present. Isabelle promptly took a nap with Aliza.
Aliza wanted Renee and Lydia to come over to play on her birthday. They already had colds so Janell brought them over. Aliza had a craft she wanted to do with them. When Aliza didn't feel up to all of the running around play Janell and I continued chatting with her while we made more snowflakes.
Renee and Lydia sang Happy Birthday to Aliza and enjoyed a cupcake. (It's a snowflake--with chocolate frosting.) Aliza's requirements for her birthday meal were potato soup and chocolate covered strawberries.
Aliza was feeling great for the party. What I notice in just about all of these party pictures is that Charlotte (her doll I made--not her American Girl doll) is with her.
Aliza and Renee have become good buddies recently. They both really love Lalaloopsy dolls and they made a pact about which set of lalaloopsy tinies Renee was going to give her for her birthday.
She got the Lego set she was really really really hoping for. Elsa's Ice Castle.
Not surprisingly, Aliza wanted a Frozen theme party with a food to represent each character. I may have had some moments of panic when I realized what she was planning for the food, but we figured it out. Blue jello "ice cubes"--Kristoff. Sandwiches--Hans and Anna. Apple slices with peanut butter--to represent the flower on Anna's dress. Carrots--Sven. Build a snowman plate--Olaf. Rock candy (utter failure)--Elsa.
Jeremy did the snowflakes. The frosting was too warm and thin so we just said they were melting snowflakes. =)
It was too cute that Aliza sang Happy Birthday to herself.
I think she had a great day! Her favorite part of the day was building her Elsa Castle with Legos. The next day she and Anna watched Frozen with Grandpa and sang all the songs at the top of their lungs. Then she and Brandi played a bunch of Frozen themed card games that Brandi gave her.

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