Sunday, March 1, 2015

Joy Dare::February

2139. This wonderful stage where he is smiles and talks but isn't mobile
2140. A soul refreshing long overdue phone call
2141. Josiah's tooth finally fell out
2142. A favorable school review
2143. Aliza's first birthday party on her own
2144. Cousins talking about their dinosaur game
2145. Sheep masks (from Bible study)
2146. Valentine mailboxes and traditions
2147. The scavenger hunt (prepared by Aliza)
2148. Productivity in the realm of cleaning--clean bathrooms are so lovely
2149. Calm on the outside
2150. Healthy growing baby
2151. A pediatrician I'm comfortable talking to
2152. Talking to my Grandma King
2153. House cleaned for company
2154. Grandma and Grandpa here
2155. Isaiah so happy when he sees me
2156. Two girls snuggled up with Grandpa watching Frozen
2157. Spring teaser--it was such a lovely day
2158. Ice cream and chocolate
2159. Saving the planet
2160. Aliza so excited to have a buddy
2161. A great support system
2162. The dripping of thawing ice
2163. Taking a slower pace while Jeremy is away
2164. Visiting with my cousin
2165. Making Valentines
2166. So many ladies willing and ready to help at Bible study and dance
2167. Pizza delivered to me
2168. I can survive on my own, but I'm so much better with Jeremy beside me
2169. Jeremy safely home
2170. I'm not sure how but we logged five days of school this week
2171. Pinterest success (they are heart shaped cupcakes)
2172. Days are getting a little longer
2173. Heart party and kiddos feeling loved
2174. Surprised with breakfast in bed
2175. Legos all over the floor
2176. Jeremy and I planning and making goals
2177. An incredibly slow paced Sunday
2178. Made a trip to the library in the cold so I could have this book in case of snow (I'm now only halfway through the book--but it's a really good one!)
2179. Homemade doughnuts
2180. Home together and falling snow
2181. Being positive and upbeat despite late day schooling--avoided student meltdowns
2182. After dinner tonight heard that two of my faraway friends delivered healthy babies
2183. Sun reflecting off the snow
2184. Snow changes the feel of the day and makes the children want to be outside--fresh air is always good for the soul
2185. Two in a chair (Mario Cart was rediscovered)
2186. Another day to play in the snow
2187. Supper at moms--it was good to get out of the house
2188. Heard: "Great Gramma, you love children." And it is so very true
2189. My Mom, Gramma and sisters got in some wide awake Isaiah time
2190. Homemade bread from my neighbor
2191. Detangling spray (for girls long tangled hair)
2192. The joy in looking in my baby's eyes and his smiling excited response
2193. Aliza waking me up early because she wanted me to read another chapter with her
2194. Our need for an art class met without cost
2195. Great Grandad holding Isaiah and comforting him when he started to fuss
2196. The pipes unfroze quickly
2197. Baby belly laughs
2198. Overhearing Aliza encouraging Anna to do the right thing
2199. Daddy making the children giggle uncontrollably by making them into sandwiches
2200. Our recent theme: "Live like no one else today so that one day you can live like no one else." - Dave Ramsey
2201. Starting the morning with a hot shower
2202. Happened upon a wise comment left by a sibling
2203. Shipment came earlier than expected
2204. Snow flurries have such a peaceful feeling
2205. Hearing three precious voices reciting the Lord's Prayer with us
2206. A husband who knows how to extend hospitality
2207. A husband who gives an hour of his time to test and retest labels until they print decently
2208. Woken up early (again) this morning to finish Aliza's book while the snow was falling
2209. Working together to clean their rooms
2210. Watching birds
2211. Building bird feeders
2212. A very happy birthday boy
2213. Chocolate covered strawberries

2214. A new-to-me coat
2215. Cousins playing Wii
2216. Stopping in to say hi to "the Greats"

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