Friday, March 6, 2015

More Snow

We are currently on our third snow of the winter. In these parts, we get little enough snow that we can count the storms--usually on one hand. Today the children weren't really impressed. There was maybe 3 inches. The ground was well covered. They went out for a little bit and found that the water in the ditch was frozen enough to walk on. That was pretty exciting--until they got daring and broke the ice!

But this story back tracks to last week's snow. We really enjoyed watching the birds. This time we had a good 6 inches, if I remember correctly and Jeremy ended up working from home. In the afternoon he grabbed a cardboard box and made a couple birdfeeders. As it turned out--one for the girls and one for the boys.
The girls found it necessary to decorate their box.
The boys did not decorate theirs.

The girls feeder was placed on the porch.
The boys feeder was placed on the deck.
Unfortunately, a huge flock of blackbirds found both feeders.
But since the first day we have seen a variety of birds including cardinals.
And other guests, like squirrels, that are enjoyed not shooed away!
I've enjoyed the snow. I like how we live in a coastal area that invests little money in winter weather preparedness. (I suspect all the $ goes to beach preparedness!) It makes snow a holiday and we hunker down and do schoolwork so that when it warms up we are ready for all the outdoor days!

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