Monday, March 23, 2015

Not Our Typical Weekend

I guess since Isaiah has been born I have grown quite accustomed to low key, generally relaxing weekends. This weekend was quite the opposite! Saturday was the Faith Filled Women's Conference where I decided to rent a table for Trades of Hope. This was well beyond my comfort zone so I got my sister and our friend Betsy to partner with me for the day. They were amazing. We sold a bunch of products and handed out a lot of catalogs and brochures. The ladies we met were extremely receptive to the mission of Trades of Hope and were impressed with the quality of the products. At the end of the day I decided that a vendor event could be a lot of fun once in a great while! Not something I want to be doing every weekend.
While I was at the conference, Jeremy took the children to art time at the Ward Museum. They got to paint woodpeckers and had a ball.
My car has been having issues for a while and it seemed to have gotten worse, but I didn't want to bother Jeremy with it seeing as how the "Car Repair" line in the budget is still small and I figured it needed to grow for a few more months. Well, after art time, Jeremy drove my car straight to the repair shop. The rubber on my front tire was splitting and it was dangerous to drive. I got 4 new tires while Jeremy and all 4 children waited. I have been directed not to hide problems in the future. =)

After an impromptu Sunday afternoon play date we were at my parents to celebrate the four adult March birthdays in the evening. I'm glad Gramma felt up to being with us. Gramma sat in a rocking chair and Anna was so sweet to set up a game to play with her.
Later the boys settled in to watch a fishing show with Grandad. Meghan realized that if I plopped Isiah on Grandad's lap all the boys would be on the couch together. I didn't realize that none of the boys have shoes or socks on until it was pointed out on facebook. I've caught myself looking long at this picture. Those sweet faces and knowing all their personalities and imagining how much their Grandad loves them and loved that moment--it makes my heart swell with gratitude.

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