Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Family Dinner Book Club--The Hundred Dresses

I really thought that this dinner would be an epic fail. My children are not keen on trying new foods and when they found out this was a Polish themed dinner they were not at all impressed. But when they tried Kielbasa they thought it was pretty good. I chose not to dig myself into an impossible hole by serving the Kielbasa with sauerkraut! The pirogies didn't go over as well; however, I found them to do quite yummy.

We tried to make oragami dresses following a youtube tutorial. That didn't go so well. I thought I had a better chance watching an English speaking tutorial than following graphics with directions written Japanese. lol. Mine remotely resembled a dress. Aliza crumpled hers up less than 2 minutes into the video. Josiah stuck with it to the end--his could have passed for something like a strapless dress. (Art class only requires your best effort!! ;) )
The Hundred Dresses gave us a great platform to talk about discrimination and how we should respond when we are treated unkindly by our peers. Good meal, good discussion, attempted art--I guess it was a success!

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