Sunday, November 15, 2015


The kids raked a big pile of leaves and had some fun the other day. They LOVED having me outside with them--I have got to do that more often. It's possible that I LOVE the quiet in the house while they are outside! ;) Josiah gave me a huge hug and said it was the "best day ever" when I was outside so I think that outweighs a moment of peace and quiet!

Isaiah watched from a distance. He eventually made his way over to the bikes to play with the wheels.

They take a long running start and jump in the leaves.

Anna dresses for fashion--not the weather or season! Random story: This child has no lack of self esteem. At church tonight she threw open the door and said, "Hi Renee! Don't I look fabulous!!?" She had on her new maxi skirt which does look darling on her. In her defense, Anna is also very generous in telling Aliza and I when we look fabulous also. Thankfully at almost 5 years old, I still regularly meet her definition of looking fabulous. haha.

All my children in one picture. It melts my heart.
The next morning Isaiah was ready to check out the leaves.

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