Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Joy Dare::October

2820. Our yard cleaned up before the rain started
2821. Well behaved, very patient children this morning
2822. This.
2823. And this.
2824. Baby laughing in his sleep
2825. Preparing for a party
2826. Enjoying my family being together to celebrate Isaiah
2827. All the cousins playing together--outside in the misty rain
2828. Looking back knowing that I have soaked up all of Isaiah's first year
2829. Hymn sing
2830. Story time with Aunt Laura
2831. Catching up with neighbors
2832. Blue sky and sun!!
2833. Sweet girls that take care of babies during Bible Study
2834. Grocery shopping buddy
2835. Heard, "Mom, I love our house."
2836. Holding a friend's baby
2837. A day later it sunk in that God was talking to me
2838. Pears right off the tree
2839. After an interrupted night--two cups of chai today
2840. An evening with my sister
2841. Holding children and not feeling guilty
2842. Mower fixed and grass cut
2843. Lots of happy children playing outside
2844. Jeremy watching a golf tournament with a friend
2845. Walking in on this sweet moment
2846. Duet
2847. Anna utterly thrilled to help me organize my shoes
2848. Forest beauty
2849. Grandma time
2850. School going so smoothly
2851. Josiah wasn't feeling well and he wanted to on Mommy's lap
2852. A husband to balance me
2853. New cleaning stuff
2854. Conviction
2855. Seeing some growth
2856. Isaiah content and happy when I pick him up after Bible Study
2857. Jeremy came home early
2858. Assembling hygiene kits with some really enthusiastic helpers
2859. Photos of Isaiah
2860. Science with a couple other families
2861. Recognizing my failure and knowing what I should have done
2862. Less struggling between Aliza and I recently
2863. A day with my mom and sisters
2864. Pumpkin cheesecake shake
2865. Sisters becoming good friends and playmates
2866. Deciding that since today was Sunday I was going to do a scrapbook page
2867. A day away makes me excited to see my children the next morning
2868. No one really missed me because it's fun to spend a day with just Daddy
2869. Starting the day off with worship music by Matt Redman
2870. Surprised by a thank you gift for the children
2871. Sparkling clean windows
2872. Aliza mowed the whole lawn--there are perks to having older kids
2873. Having a work partner (my mom) makes the work so much more bearable
2874. Croquet
2875. The growing pains of spiritual growth
2876. Seeing Aliza do grown up things
2877. Watching my parents enjoy their grandchildren
2878. New-to-me tops to wear
2879. Happy news from my friend
2880. Focused on school and got it done in almost record time
2881. Not the purchase I originally intended but I'm excited anyway #birthdaymoneyfromjuly
2882. Meeting some new ladies while getting a couple scrapbook pages done
2883. Away for one evening and I wake up early cause I can't wait to see my children's faces
2884. Talking it through
2885. Trying another new cleaning method
2886. Glorious fall color
2887. Seeing in myself things I'd rather not see
2888. Learning to play a piano piece again
2889. Visiting with my aunt and uncle
2890. My kids ability to sleep in after a late night
2891. Pumpkin muffins baking
2892. My house bursting with children playing happily together
2893. Visiting with my Gramma on the phone
2894. Embarrassing moments and I didn't die
2895. Peace
2896. Kids who take pictures to show me their little brother opened the new bottle of chocolate syrup
2897. my Moms
2898. Ladies to agree with me in prayer
2899. End of October warm days
2900. Heard, "Mom, I figured out that I can do my work faster when you aren't sitting with me. I have math and handwriting done." #musictomyears
2901. Shutting down school for a day
2902. Impulse purchase
2903. Engaging in conversation with a friend in the soup aisle
2904. An afternoon with Brandi
2905. Supper conversation starter--what made you laugh today?
2906. Halloween movie night with a child on my lap

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