Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So Much Happened in a Weekend!

Let's start with Friday! I woke up pretty overwhelmed by all that was going to transpire in the day let alone the weekend! Once we got school finished, I felt better. I drove us to WV and we had supper with Jeremy's family. The main purpose of this trip was to visit with Jeremy's brother's family from Texas. Jeremy got to meet his niece, Evelyn, for the first time. She is 10 months old.
Evenlyn and Isaiah are very close in height, weight and developmental milestones. They were pretty cute to see side by side. Friday night Isaiah was eating some mac n cheese and Evelyn reached up on the tray and helped herself! Isaiah didn't fuss at all (he's used to being messed with!).
We stayed with Joel and Brandi, which doesn't happen often, so was pretty exciting for the children to take over the Aunt and Uncle's basement. Saturday--The men and Aliza and Josiah did the coffee run. Josiah came back with a hot chocolate which he loved. He drank it like quite a little man sitting beside Joel. Meanwhile, Brandi took Anna to Target to pick out her birthday present. (I got to just hang out with Isaiah for a bit. It was quiet and quite lovely.)
Anna came home with a Barbie toy, Frozen earmuffs, fancy Frozen nightgown and a skirt and shirt. I wasn't the least bit surprised. I knew Aunt Brandi and Anna in Target was going to mean a few extra things! ;) We just visited at Jeremy's parents for the afternoon and had Thanksgiving dinner in the evening. That night Anna was so tired, but pretty excited that her birthday was the next morning. She fell asleep holding those Frozen earmuffs and sucking her fingers and for one more night she was my little 4 year old.
Sunday morning dawned bright and early with Anna asking, "Am I 5 today?" I confirmed that yes, she was 5 and she got a huge smile and pumped her fist with a "YES!!" She got to open her present from Mommy and Daddy and then we headed off to church. By the time we got to church, Anna was announcing that she is "almost 7!" Let's enjoy 5 for a day, little girl!! After church she was given more Frozen stuff and she was thrilled.
Brandi made her chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel cream cheese frosting. I've enjoyed them immensely!!! Anna blew her candles out before we could even start
singing. =)
After she put on her new outfit Anna wanted to do a makeover with Grandma. One of her most favorite things to do at Grandma's house.
We grabbed a couple pictures after church--the 5 Heslop grandchildren.
The Van Heslop family.
I had forgotten that Joel and Brandi have a hot tub so Sunday night Brandi found appropriate t shirt attire for Aliza and Anna and Joel took Josiah to buy a pair of shorts so they could "swim" in the hot tub. They thought it was the greatest thing ever.
Monday morning we drove home!

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