Monday, January 29, 2018

Dounut and Artsy Day

By Aliza Heslop

 One day Mommy decided that we "had" to go to the Corner Bakery and today was the day. The Corner Bakery is a family owned bakery which sells donuts in Onancock, VA. We picked up Grandma on the way there. Great Grandma and Janell had said that this place was awesome so in our heads that meant that the place had to be "totally legendary" because Great Gramma liked it. When we arrived at the bakery no one could decide on what donut to buy. I decided on a chocolate eclaire with white frosting in the middle. It really was legendary. Let's just say I was full and happy for the sweet treat.

 While we were eating our donuts, Grandma suggested the Turner art gallery. I was not ready to be impressed by some "paintings", but Mom said yes so there we went. It was close, but Mom had a bit of trouble getting there. Thanks Siri. When we got inside the museum Grandma told the lady that we were on a home-school field trip. The lady gave us copied pictures that Dr. Turner painted so we could have them signed by Dr. Turner and he could draw a picture. He was very nice. We walked around and another lady came with us so she could tell us about how the sculptures were made and how they were shipped and many more cool details. I had a great time. After that, we went to Grandma's for lunch. She made popcorn and we watched Veggie Tales.

  I got a heron picture. He drew them right there while we watched.
 The story of the day: When we were walking back to our car from the donut shop, Josiah spotted a Porsche. In Onancock! Then he saw a Corvette. And I thought Onancock was supposed to be a "historical" town.

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