Friday, January 5, 2018

Joy Dare::December

4958. Nutcracker Ballet with my girls
4959. Lollipop motivation
4960. Aliza's pen pal
4961. Good shopping morning
4962. Making pretzel treats
4963. When the 6th person gets sick I know the end is in sight
4964. Isaiah off the couch talking and playing
4965. Laughing until we cry at the supper table
4966. House cleaned
4967. Finally got to the library and Isaiah got excited about choosing books
4968. Christmas tree decorated
4969. Potty training success continues
4970. Dark evenings are cozy
4971. Anna willing to participate in Christmas programs
4972. Advent readings
4973. Bringing Anna upstairs to do schoolwork alone with me
4974. Evening with friends
4975. My husband
4976. An unusual early December snow
4977. The snow packed so Josiah made a snowman in the dark
4978. Apple pie and ice cream in front of the fire
4979. Our whole family playing in the snow
4980. Writing a few letters and addressing cards
4981. Jeremy did the grocery shopping
4982. A long, snowy day nap
4983. No electricity this evening
4984. Reading out loud by flashlight
4985. Backup heat source
4986. Aliza had a big school day and she handled it well
4987. Enjoying Pentatonix music
4988. Poinsesttia
4989. Somehow school was complete at 1:00
4990. Got some of my schooling questions/concerns answered
4991. Josiah got to play with friends
4992. Finishing Wednesday activities for Christmas break
4993. Aliza encouraging Anna so sweetly
4994. Anna participating in the Christmas program
4995. Mom's house!
4996. The cleanest the oven's ever been
4997. Aliza didn't expect braces, but she handled it well
4998. Jeremy is an amazing problem solver
4999. Josiah could hit the water tank for me
5000. The thought Aliza puts in the gifts she gives
5001. We experienced Bethleham
5002. My kids' sensitive hearts
5003. Attending Sunday morning service at IBC
5004. Floors swept when I got home
5005. Finished project
5006. Christmas shopping with Josiah and Anna--separately
5007. Teapots
5008. Talking to my mother in law
5009. Playdate morning
5010. Janell knows things I like
5011. Meghan and the boys!
5012. Date night with Jeremy
5013. The house is so quiet
5014. Childrens' bedrooms clean
5015. School finished for Christmas break
5016. Such a good discussion tonight
5017. Brian had the tool and was present to cut my shelves to the size I needed
5018. Isaiah snuggled in beside me and pulled my arm over for a hug
5019. A guitar I didn't know we needed
5020. "Let go of Plan A--Go with Plan Be." Ann Voskamp
5021. Shelves for shoes
5022. A lovely Christmas visit with Andy and Judy
5023. A restful Christmas Eve
5024. The children singing Happy Birthday Jesus at church
5025. Pizza, shrimp and salad for supper
5026. All the Christmas Eve excitement
5027. Aliza's sweet Christmas letter to me
5028. A very relaxed, happy Christmas morning
5029. Josiah's thank you hugs
5030. Diffusing fir needle, wild orange and cinnamon
5031. A clean desk means I'm scrapbooking
5032. Vacation week
5033. Called Grandma
5034. When Janell can stay on the phone and listen to Isaiah chatter
5035. Isaiah loving every picture in his scrapbook
5036. Identifying the "twerking bird"--American Woodcock
5037. A pair of bluebirds
5038. Curtain covering the sliding door
5039. Binge (for me) watching The Holiday Baking Championship
5040. Children snuggled on the couch with me
5041. Cookie baking for Heslop Christmas
5042. One more fun Christmas
5043. Isaiah's reaction to the remote controlled car
5044. Time to work on Project Life scrapbooks
5045. Jeremy got time with his Dad and Joel
5046. Aliza and Anna had an afternoon with Brandi
5047. I got to chat with Christie
5048. New Year's Eve shrimp

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