Monday, November 26, 2012

Celebrating Anna

Anna's birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year. I decided not to have a formal party, but just celebrate at our Thanksgiving dinners. It was easy for me and Jeremy's family didn't have to travel. We took the party to them!

Anna got to open her present from Mommy and Daddy in the morning before we left for Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Grandma made a yummy butterfinger ice cream sandwich cake. Uncle Josh was on skype to sing Happy Birthday and Anna was a pro at blowing out candles.

She got books and a dolls. She promptly undressed the doll.

Finally we celebrated Anna with my family on Sunday. Aliza was the designated helper. She brought Anna's gifts to her. I believe Josiah was too busy with Legos to even notice that Anna was opening presents. Anna got her sleeping bag from Grandma and Grandad, but was not at all sure about the puppy face looking at her. She finally petted the face, but she was not laying in the sleeping bag. Aliza laid down saying, "I'll give Anna an example."
It wasn't much of a theme birthday party, but I bought Little Golden Book plates and napkins. The cake was in the shape of a book and I gave each of the children a Little Golden Book as a favor. Anna does love books!

Hugs from Aliza.
A hug and a kiss from Josiah.

Anna is such a happy little girl. She is friendly and charming and independent and curious and can still make the biggest messes I've ever seen! It seemed like her vocabulary doubled this weekend. Tonight while we watched a Christmas parade we heard her saying Merry Christmas. I'm so so so happy that she is still a cuddlebug.

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Christie said...

Happy Birthday to your little cuddlebug!!!