Tuesday, November 20, 2012

He Golfed In Florida!

 Remember that golf bag that could hold 3 children? Jeremy bought it for his golf trip to Florida. You read that right, my husband played golf for 3 days in Florida in the National Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf Scramble.

When I found out it was actually going to happen I cried. Not tears of joy. During that evening I had to make a choice if I was going to be resentful and ugly or if I was going to be an awesome wife and a fun Mom. Thankfully I chose the latter and stuck to it. I did remind Jeremy frequently that he has an awesome wife.

He left early last Thursday morning and upon arrival at his hotel I received this picture:
 I had to take a deep breath. It was a little hard to take. My husband was on vacation and I was not.

I only melted down the 2nd morning after Anna drew on my keyboard. The 3rd morning when Anna cracked 5 eggs on the floor while I was in the shower, I just calmly cleaned them up. We spent the night at Mom's on Saturday night and spent the day there on Sunday.

Jeremy had a great time. They played 3 amazing courses. One of them being Sawgrass Stadium Course (it's a course where one of the Major tournaments is held every year). The disappointment was that it was rainy, cold and windy.

There were 90 teams of 4 in the scramble. 30 teams played one of the three courses each day.

The Clubhouse at Sawgrass
 Then on the last hole on the last day the sun made it's grand appearance.
 Jeremy got home just after midnight on Sunday. I tried so hard to stay up for him. Anna got a cold so for 2 nights I felt like I had a newborn. She was up so many times. Aliza got in on the waking up action both nights too. I received Jeremy's text that he was coming into town and less than 20 minutes away, but alas, I didn't hear him drive in or come in the house or even feel him crawl in bed! Apparently I was OUT! Anna continued to wake up that night so it was good I got sleep when I could.

I am so glad he's home! I promptly struck a deer his first evening home. 

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