Friday, November 23, 2012

Projects with Grandad

While we stayed with my parents when Jeremy was in Florida, Josiah and Aliza went out to the shop with Grandad. They were out for a very long time. I was starting to wonder what they were up to. When they came in Josiah brought this garage for his equipment that he made. It's big. And the design was all his idea. There are also lots of nails on every edge because Josiah wanted to pound nails. He did!

Aliza wanted to make something too. A dollhouse, of course. Not just any dollhouse. A house for her 18" inch doll. This is something that she has dreamed about. She has talked about her Grandad, Great Grandad and Grandpa all working together to make this dollhouse for her. We have measured the space in her closet and she has drawn plans. I never really encouraged it because I didn't think it was a very realistic dream. Well, on this particular day, her Grandad caught her vision. Out of scrap wood that was in the shop, he built a doll house for her. Aliza stayed out for a while to watch, but eventually she came in. Grandad did not. He worked through supper and all evening. And then he finished it the next day.
The doll house arrived at our house on Tuesday. Aliza is waiting for the unveiling here with her doll, Jenny.
I really thought she was going to cry when she saw it. Josiah exclaimed, "That's a beaut!"
Aliza ran to Grandad and gave him a big hug. Aliza said it was better than she imagined! She had written Grandad a thank you note before the doll house ever arrived at our house and she gave it to him before she saw the finished doll house.
It's taller than Aliza, but the doll fits perfectly!

Dad and I carried it in the house and up the stairs. It fits perfectly in the closet. The exact spot that Aliza planned for it.
We decided to leave it unfinished right now. I imagine that it will go through several redecorations in the next years. For now I told Aliza that she can decorate it with crayons. She is now hoping for some furniture accessories for Christmas.

It's so so fun to watch a kid's dream come true! It's also really fun to watch a Grandad get so excited about a doll house project!

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