Sunday, November 11, 2012

Warm Sunshine

 It was one of those outrageously gorgeous fall days. One of those days when I was so happy that we go to church on Saturday evening so that we can be outside all morning on a Sunday. Yesterday was very relaxing so I didn't feel guilty about doing some work. Sometimes it feels good to be productive on a sunshiney day.
 We have accumulated a large number of cardboard boxes in our garage. Jeremy and Josiah helped me to break them down to recycle. We took one load today and we have another load ready to recycle tomorrow.

Josiah got a haircut this weekend. He wanted a mohawk just like his cousin's. Jeremy did a very subtle mohawk. Tonight Jeremy put gel in it so the front was spiked. It was cute. He was proud. And people won't notice it just walking by.
 This is a suitcase for golf clubs. It holds 3 children comfortably. It is serving a purpose but that's all I can say about it right now.
Tonight we celebrated my Grandfather's 85th birthday. Brian refereed a serious game of Don't Break the Ice.

Can the weekend continue? It's been a most lovely weekend.

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