Monday, November 12, 2012

Shoebox Theater

 I've come to the end of today and have no idea how we accomplished everything plus more that we set out to do. It was another beautiful day so we took a walk this morning. Then Aliza pulled out the craft book that I dread seeing. This time, though, it looked doable and I encouraged her to go for it. She did--wholeheartedly.

The project was a shoebox theatre. Aliza's vision was to create a show based on a My Little Pony ipad game she is playing. She drew two backgrounds and drew the Pony characters. They all have names but I can't remember them! She started at 3:00 and by 5:00 I was really feeling the need for her to work on other subjects. I knew she was doing something productive and educational but I didn't want to set the precedent that if she worked on a project she could get out of other work that she doesn't enjoy as much.

Pretty soon I received this note:
The characters are on kabob skewers. There are holes in the side of the shoebox for the sticks to fit through. Aliza stood directly in front of the box to preform the show. =)
 I think she did a great job all by herself. She can tell you all about the picture. It is various shops for the ponies to work in. The other one has houses and trees.
 There are 3 ponies that aren't very distinguishable in the picture.
Now I need to catch my breath, go to sleep and be ready for another day tomorrow!

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Christie said...

That shoe box theater is awesome! Aliza has inspired me to give it a try for the boys. Love it!