Monday, November 19, 2012

The Deer From Nowhere

 It was just a normal trip to the grocery store at 6:30pm when I heard a thump and saw a deer on my hood and then the thump, thump of driving over a deer. I screamed and gasped--a couple times--and then realized that I was fine and the car was running without any funny noises. A couple dummy lights were on. We needed groceries and I figured if all was well I might as well keep on going. Leave it to me to let the end goal dictate my actions! By the time I got to the parking lot smoke was coming from the hood. The car was over heating. I got out and was more than a little shocked to see the front of my car.

I started making phone calls. Jeremy was reading with Aliza when I left for school so when the phone was "answered" I spent a minute and 21 seconds on the line calmly telling Anna to take the phone to Daddy. She didn't. I kept trying and did finally get him. A kind man stopped and stayed with me until I got hold of Jeremy. He was able to tell me that it was radiator fluid all over the ground so at least I could tell Jeremy something intelligent! Of course Jeremy told me not to drive it home, but he couldn't come get me because I had all the car seats. Brother to the rescue! I'm so thankful to have a sibling live just a couple miles from me!

So I buy groceries, call the insurance company, find someone at the store to let them know my car will be there overnight, take out the car seats and gather up all the shoes and other stuff that was in the car until Brian could come. By this time the parking lot had emptied and there were no other cars around me. I was in and out of the car and whatnot when another car pulled up beside me. The lady rolled down the window and said she didn't have any money for gas could I spare a few dollars. I got my wallet and gave her what I had. I don't know why. Hopefully she really did need it for gas. If not, oh well.

Brian came and I decided that I wanted to see the deer. I knew it had to be right by the road. It was. I was taking a picture for good measure when Brian said I should hold its head up like a good hunting photo. I couldn't touch it. That's as close as I would get.

And tomorrow we will see what will become of our van. I so hope that it won't be totaled. Life will be different as a one car family for a while!

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