Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Collection of Moments

Maybe "moments" should be my word for the year. It is becoming my focus to take note of moments, to find joy in moments, to see gifts in good and bad moments. If I lose sight of moments life becomes a blur and a day is lumped into a category of good or bad.

My girls were sick Thursday night. I believe there was only one simultaneous incident, but 7 times cleaning someone up or sitting in the bathroom with someone during the night is a lot and leaves Mama (and Papa) with precious little sleep.

Friday I did not know how I was going to make it. Anna woke up recovered and ready to go. Aliza spent most of the day on the couch. At least it was all recovering--no more incidents. I knew I had to maintain something of our new screen policies. We watched more than the rest of the week, but I also read a whole chapter book to Aliza, and sat and held and played with until I just couldn't do anymore...and then I let them watch one more Charlie Brown before supper.

Aliza called a family meeting this morning. She wanted to pray first and then her question was "How will Minecraft be handled on the weekends because Daddy is home all day?" I thought it was a valid question.

Aliza has an extremely hard time dealing with any level of change. The tarp on our swing set had been destroyed by wind, weather and time. So Jeremy ordered a new one and put it up today. Aliza came in the house most distraught that the old tarp was being replaced. I basically told her that that's life and she should get over it. That didn't really help her... After a while Josiah came in with a little square of the old tarp and said, "Aliza I brought you a piece of the old tarp. Will that help you feel better?" Aliza smiled, took the gift and glued it to the wall of her doll house. Then she went out to play. Josiah thought of that on his own and I thought it was so very thoughtful of him.

We had a family night tonight. Our congregational nurse, my Mom, decided to cancel church because so many of our households had been sick. She felt it was time to contain germs. We watched the Ravens play The children thought it was horribly unfair that Daddy got to watch so much TV. (They got their fair share today!) Aliza tried to control the family in many ways, but, finally, after halftime every settled down and we had a nice time sitting on the couch together and listening to the children play in the other room together. The game went into overtime and the whole family was cheering by the end. Josiah started playing football and when the Ravens won Aliza ran outside to scream. At least she went outside! A wild indoor football game ensued...and then it was bedtime.

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