Thursday, January 31, 2013

Joy Dare :: January

1. Five happy children playing outside in the cold.
2. Oatmeal whoopie pie (that Brandi made)
3. Time spent holding each of my children today
4. Heard: I love you Grandma (Karen)! I'll miss you!!
5. Aliza and Josiah conversing in the back seat--the whole trip home from WV
6. Anna singing Jesus Loves Me and Dorothy the Dinosaur
7. Overheard: When will Josiah wake up? We are like two vegetables in a pot.
8. Overheard: Great Gramma telling Aliza how they used to pile 4 high on a sled and fly down the hill when she was a little girl.
9. Overheard: Grandma and Aliza having a conversation in the tent.
10. Blue sky on a cold day
11. A new toy that entertains all
12. Our old house
13. Seeing an organized "catch all" spot.
14. Making reminders
15. Reading on my kindle paperwhite
16. In my bag. Just enough.
17. In the fridge. Crisp, sweet, juicy grapes
18. In my heart. Celebrating Dad's 60th birthday with family.
19. Husband comes home with chai and a hug--grace.
20. Daughter says I played the pretend game perfectly--my attitude was terrible. Grace.
21. A friend texts to tell me that I'm a good Mama. She doesn't know what my day has been like. Grace.
22. A shadow means the sun is out!
23. Dusky light streaming in the window.
24. A winter walk.
25. Color in winter
26. Holding my children who are getting big but still was hugs and cuddles.
27. Sitting with Aliza while she reads and learns.
28. The last homemade sticky bun. Warm and dunked in milk.
29. A car temper tantrum handled calmly.
30. Laying with children while they fall asleep.
31. Vegetable and fruit concoction lovingly prepared (by Josiah).
32. A day to sit and read books with sick children.
33. Husband says, "I'll do dishes. Go upstairs and scrapbook." I love him.
34. Fog at dusk
35. Sitting beside husband on the couch
36. Family bonding over a football game
37.Grateful about me: my hair is growing
38. Grateful about me: I learned that our parents are the wisest people on the planet
39. Grateful about me: I make the choice to be confident and secure about where I am in life
40. Determination to keep the screen time low
41. Watching the children have a Praise Parade in the rain
42.Josiah passionately and enthusiastically preparing salads for supper.
43. Upon arriving home, Aliza points out the cardinal eating at the bird feeder. We sit in the car, listen to the rain on the roof and watch the cardinal.
44. School hard drive broke. Did school differently. In the living room. Mommy as teacher. Josiah joined us.
45. Family dance party
46. Blessing witnessed: Aliza taking her younger cousin under her wing to play
47. Blessing witnessed: Aliza working out a relationship problem with her Daddy
48. Washing dishes with a messy helper
49. Wearing a Gap shirt that I bought for $1.26
50. Silence
51. He gently leads those that have young. Isaiah 40:11
52. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow. Isaiah 1:18
53. My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians12:9
54. A few moments alone
55. Peaceful sleep
 56. A wild game of London Bridges
57. A flock of small birds pecking in the grass
58. Eye contact with Jeremy across the room
59. Endless blue sky
60. Clean water
61. Looking through old scrapbooks and remembering
62. Red glittery shoes that make little girls feel like princesses
63. A three seat cart at the grocery store
64. Endurance
65. A new start every morning
66. Received a phone call from a neighbor just to check on us
67. Having Mom and Dad over for supper
68. Tutti Frutti with Aliza
69. Anna asking Josiah to scratch her back at bedtime
70. A warm welcome after a long drive to WV
71. Music, sleeping children and wet (not snowy or icy) roads
72. Before dawn. Sleep.
73. At noon. Uncles playing in the snow
74. After dark. Conversation with special ladies
75. Sunday pot roast dinner
76. Fruit salad
77. Full moon peeking over the clouds
78. Friends who broaden my perspective.
79. Friends who keep me grounded.
80. Friends who grace me with understanding, listening, advice and direction
81. Heard Beautiful by MercyMe while driving. Reminded me of Lydia's miracle
82. Anna's sweet 2 year old voice
83. Light first seen each morning
84. Mudtastic fun!
85. Crystal's whoopie pies
86. A couple who opened their home to our family
87. "Ah, Mom, the sky is so pretty! It's light blue. Like cotton candy. God is an amazing artist." Aliza
88. Giving a gift to a friend
89. Josiah's Bible study teachers care enough to "figure him out."

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