Friday, January 4, 2013

A Special Letter

Several weeks ago Aliza had a reading assignment that was about a mailman. During the lesson her teacher, Mrs. Walker, gave the students her address and promised that she would write back to them. 

Aliza wrote to Mrs. Walker immediately. At the end of Aliza's letter she asked Mrs. Walker about her two children that are mentioned periodically during the lessons. Aliza had Mrs. Walker for reading in kindergarten and now for phonics and reading this year.

Every day Aliza has waited expectantly for the mail to be delivered and today was the day! There was a letter from Mrs. Walker in the mailbox for her!!! She had the sweetest smile as she opened that letter and found a bookmark inside.
 I think I read the letter to her 7 times. She could have read it on her own, but it was too special to make a fuss over. Mrs. Walker even updated Aliza on her children...just as a Aliza asked. It was a personally written letter.

It means so much to know that Aliza's teachers are truly invested. Not just at the time the lessons were produced, but even now--years later.

Have I mentioned that I'm sold on BJU Press??!!

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Belinda said...

Carla -

How exciting!

I was thrilled when you texted me about this - I am even more excited now that I see this post!