Monday, January 14, 2013


Today marks the halfway mark through the school year. I can believe it because I've lived every  one of those school days, but I really can't believe that we are halfway through first grade. According to Aliza we are halfway to summer vacation.

Aliza is reading well enough that she initiated starting to read the Bible. She also reads a certain number of books each month to earn a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut through the Book-It Program. Reading lessons have become so much easier. I told Aliza that one day reading would be her easiest subject. She looked a little surprised when I said it, but it's true and it won't be long. 

Aliza still enjoys Spanish. It moves fast and it is hard! I figure that whatever she picks up is great, the rest is exposure.

We need to focus on handwriting this spring. She prefers to get the job done as fast as possible rather than have pretty handwriting. I'm the same way with some things too. She will learn cursive next year so we better have a good foundation.

Aliza has enjoyed developing friendships this fall and loves going to Community Bible Study each week.

I'm proud of her.

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