Monday, January 28, 2013

Family Time

We spent an extended weekend with Jeremy's family. Josh and Sarah were here from Texas and we enjoyed some long overdue (as in, hasn't happened in 6 years!!) family time. It was good. This is one very happy Mama with her three boys.

 And the family.
 And the girls.
 We stayed with Joel and Brandi in their new home. How fun! They have a music room. Aliza particularly enjoyed the xylophone. Josiah wanted very badly to play the guitar. He told me and then waited and waited (at the top of the steps) for Joel to take a shower. Then he had to work up the nerve to ask Joel. I helped and Joel said yes. They sat there together and played.
 Josh had a lego set to give Josiah and then helped him put it together. I asked Josiah tonight if he had a good time with Josh and Joel. He said yes...I love Josh. When will I see Josh again? When can Josh come to our house? I want Josh to bring his best friend to our house.

Josh gave Aliza a Lalaloopsy mini set that I had never seen. I'm doomed. There is always some new Lalaloopsy collection! Aliza thought it was awesome.
 Now, you have to understand, Sarah is from Texas. Born and raised there. She had never seen snow or mountains. They landed on a snow covered landing strip in Baltimore, drove home on snowy roads and we made the absolute best of this little bit of snow!!!

There was a snow ball fight. Mostly Aliza throwing snowballs at Josh, running away as fast as she could and Josh and Joel lobbing snowballs at her.
 And then...Joel found this and blew it up. Look at Josiah's face!
 And Aliza's face.
 And then...Joel had the idea of attaching the boogie board to the tube. Boy, oh boy, was that fun! Josiah would whip around the turns. The big boys worked hard!!

 Nothing beats a weekend of family time.

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