Monday, January 21, 2013


Frustrated is the only feeling I can think of to describe myself right now. This day....ugh!

Last week the hard drive we use for all of Aliza's school instruction decided to quit working. We had to order a new one. Jeremy ordered it Wednesday and it was delivered Friday afternoon. It was a fast delivery, but it still meant we missed three days of school that I hadn't planned on.

This morning I specifically asked Jeremy if I could just plug the hard drive in and have it start working. He said yes. That isn't how it worked. I got frustrated and ultimately had to restart the computer and wait for windows to update 37 updates which took from 10:30-2:30. That didn't stop me from having Aliza complete a full day of school. It just made it frustrating to convince her that, indeed, today was a school day.

The computer we use for school--bless it's heart--it works. But the fan is SOOOO loud. It is louder and more annoying than a window air conditioner unit. It screams at me all day. The fan can be replaced--for fifty dollars--which seems pretty steep. I'm not sure if I can put up with that thing indefinitely. It makes me feel like screaming.

And, finally, before I stop this less than exciting post, Jeremy has decided to start eating low carb and low sugar. This is great for him and I'm happy for him to choose a healthy lifestyle. However, it is not good for his chef who has a troop of carb loving children to feed also. It seems my only options for food are meat and vegetables with a side dish for the carb eaters. The problem is that I'm not good at cooking meat--at all. Suggestions? Encouragement? Does someone want to just plan my meals?!

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Christie said...

Check out Plan to Eat, its awesome. They have a special that is 30% off right now. I use it and love it. Also, I totally understand your loud computer pain. Just before our old lap top died it got really loud. I couldn't stand it. Thought I would lose my mind with that thing!