Friday, March 29, 2013

A Peek at Spring

 Recently I've been getting to the end of the week and wondering where it has gone! We've had good and hard this week. We've had some smooth sailing days of school. That has been so nice! We have 40 days of school left. Not that I'm counting or anything! Today we finished 1st grade science. Yes, Aliza cried again. Not as much. She enjoyed history more than science. The hard part of the week? The freezing cold air outside and my lack of motivation! We took a walk one day and I about froze. The wind was icy. Today, however, was very nice and we had a lovely time outside.

We colored eggs yesterday with the Sheats cousins. Anna had a ball. All of her favorite things were included...water, scooping, pouring, and a round something to drop in the water. She had colored water all over the table, chair, floor and herself. And all of her eggs were cracked! The older children figured out that the longer you leave the eggs in the water the darker the color becomes.
This afternoon we took a hike with friends through their family's woods. Everyone had so much fun. We walked a long way and there was no complaining from anyone.
 The sand/rock pile was the highlight of the adventure.
 It was not long before everyone had their shoes and coats off.
 And by the end the older ones had all gotten their feet wet in the water. It was definitely not warm enough for that!
 Blue sky, sunshine, fresh air and friends were very good for my soul!

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Hope said...

I love it! I have never read a blog before (dragging myself into this century, I guess ;-) I love you, Carla for your sincerity, thoughtfulness, and your creativity and ability to bring out the profound from the mundane! I will definitely be back :-D