Sunday, March 3, 2013

Aliza is 7!

Aliza was one excited young lady today. From the moment she woke up until she went to bed tonight she could hardly contain herself. Here is my 7 year old daughter!

This is her very excited smile. Which I see a lot of.
This expression...I wish I saw more of it. It looks so calm, so thoughtful, so...mature...
 I do love her excitement. Her enthusiasm. Her ceaseless chatter. Her thoughts and questions.
It might as well have been Christmas morning. There was no peace until Aliza got her presents from Mommy and Daddy. (We tried to ignore the 2 year old that got woken up too early and who cried (loudly) the whole time Aliza was opening her presents.) Aliza's face says it all.

And then I told her where she, Mommy, Grandma Karen and Aunt Brandi are going in a couple weeks. I'd say she is excited!
Daddy assembled Marie's bed. It is gorgeous! (Purchased at Christmas in an amazing sale...)
And both of her dolls got tucked in.
Aliza wanted to spend time with Mommy on her birthday. She wanted to eat at her favorite restaurant, Panera Bread. We had a lovely lunch with animated conversation. Marie and Kirsten joined us and Aliza faithfully fed them while she ate.
We stopped at a couple stores and then had dessert at Aliza's favorite dessert place, Tutti Frutti. "The girls" as Aliza calls her dolls joined us as well as Aunt Laura. Of course Aliza insisted on taking yogurt home for Josiah too.
Tonight's dessert was Lalaloopsy themed. Strawberry cake with strawberry icing so it would be pink!
As you can see she still has the excited smile! And when I tucked her in and asked her about her day, she said "it was a fabulous day."

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