Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birthday Party Times Three

Jeremy's birthday fell on a Saturday this year. It only made sense to have a triple birthday party so that his family would be here to celebrate with him. It took me forever to figure out how I was going to pull off a birthday party for a 7 year old girl, a 5 year old boy and a 30 something Daddy that made each of them feel special. I did my best and I think it was a success. Aliza certainly had lots of ideas! 

Aunt Brandi gave Aliza an American Girl Doll Party Book about a year ago. Aliza poured over that book and determined which party she wanted. She settled on Samantha's Tea Party. Aliza and I negotiated and compromised (mostly I compromised) and at the end of the day Aliza was happy with her party. 

The first necessary component was crafts. While Aliza and I were out for her birthday we picked out supplies for the craft projects. There were wooden picture frames to color with markers and glass jars to decorate with washable window markers. (The project in the book was painting vases with special paint and baking them.) I was quite proud that I have avoided paint and paintbrushes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the projects and it was boys that stuck with it the longest! 

 Then it was on to gifts. Since Josiah and Aliza are a bit older I insisted that they take turns opening presents--one and one.  Josiah got lots of green tractors and legos.
 Aliza still loves Lalaloopsy! She also got a mini American Girl Doll which comes with a mini book published in mini print. She got lots of other cool things too. =)

A model by model encyclopedia of John Deere tractors. He'll spend time reading that with his Great Grandad.

We did not forget the real birthday boy!
 Time for lunch! This is where I had a hard time getting organized in my planning! Jeremy is eating low carb/low sugar so I had a grilled chicken salad bar for him. There was pizza on Josiah's table. And Aliza requested cucumber sandwiches, thumbprint cookies and hot tea for her table. With hot tea flavors of mint magic and apple cinnamon spice which she requested her Grandma to provide.

 Aliza sat at her table and served everyone.
Finally, dessert. I put a lot into preparing birthday desserts. It's fun. And I love seeing their faces when I show them what I've made--just for them.

Josiah wanted farming tractors--with toys on the cake. His table cloth and plates were Johnny Tractor.
 5 years old?! I still can't believe it.
 I had ordered personalized AG doll cupcake transfers on etsy, which I was told shipped on March 1, but still haven't received. On Friday I had to come up with a Plan B for Aliza's cupcakes. Thankfully I had ordered AG doll stickers for decorations. I thought I ordered 1 pack and it came in a pack of 3. So I taped those stickers on toothpicks and they became cupcake toppers. Aliza was thrilled and I breathed a sigh of relief.
 Ice cream molds with fruit around them. These were in the party book and Aliza HAD to have them. This is raspberry sherbet with raspberries around it. There was also a vanilla one with strawberries around it.

 And Jeremy....Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. I showed him the recipe picture and he said it would be worth splurging carbs for so I knew this was the one to make for him!

 After blowing candles Josiah got his Gator out. He gave his cousins rides. Oh my! I had no idea how crazy boys make each other. Josiah has been a stellar driver...until he had major distractions. (I learned an important lesson for later years) Josiah was looking back at Caleb while driving forward and ran straight into a tree at full speed. Caleb was jumping off the Gator while Josiah was driving which Josiah thought was awesome. Then Josiah was in charge of the gas pedal while Caleb was steering and Caleb decided to jump off....the Gator was still moving...toward the ditch. Then no one wanted to drive so Gideon (age 3) gave it a go and headed straight down the ditch toward the road. My brother (his Daddy) caught them. Josiah then gave Gideon driving lessons which was pretty entertaining to watch.
After everyone left I was pretty much exhausted. I laid in bed thinking Anna would wake me up, but I woke up first at 4:54 and jumped up. We needed to leave for church at 5:20. 

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