Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Post Birthday Mayhem

 There is still birthday debris laying on the floor. There is still a lingering sense of entitlement that comes along with a birthday week. We are working on it one day at a time. I'm running full speed to stay one step ahead of whatever emotions the children are throwing at me! It seems that at least once a day they pass me and I have to sprint to catch up. Please tell me that I'm normal!

Anna was sick yesterday. Fever and lethargic. In the morning she barely lifted her head off my shoulder. I think I saw her walk once before supper and then after supper she perked up and today was a lot better. The doctor did say she has a mild ear infection. It could be viral so we aren't treating it yet. Hopefully it is viral and she will be better yet tomorrow. Aliza took a turn sitting and reading to Anna so I could get dressed yesterday. It's been a LONG time since I had a day that my sole purpose was to hold a child and cook meals. Oh yes, we had school and I did laundry. My arms were sore this morning from carrying 33 pounds of child with me all day!

This afternoon, during that extremely trying hour before supper, Josiah and Anna emptied the bookshelf so they could have beds. Josiah spent the evening fussing about having to pick them up. I told Josiah that "I'm on his case." That was not something that I wanted to hear MY Mom say growing up. He's got some lessons that need to be learned...and fast.

 We had books to return to the library today. Which means we also check out books. I put some tougher (for us) limits on the number of books to check out. Like last time when there were hard decisions I took a picture of the books we left at the library so that Aliza can choose those next time. Somehow that makes the decision process easier.
I'm sure tomorrow will be a fun day of holding boundaries, disciplining and reading books!

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