Saturday, March 2, 2013

Joy Dare:: February

90. Giggles
91. Fire Never Sleeps by Jesus Culture
92. Feeling safe, alone, in my house at night
93. The IRS sent a letter saying we overpaid business taxes?!
94. Time alone with my boy
95. Found a thank you note from Aliza to Grandad taped on his desk.

96. Two peas in a pod
97. Aunts that paint fingernails and toenails
98. Calls from 2 high school friends
99. Gramma had successful hip replacement surgery
100. A hard working boy
101. Found the gift that will make Josiah's birthday perfect.
102. Evergreen trees
103. Brisk cold air
104. Sunshine to play outside at Grandma's house
105. 11:30 Made a meaningful connection with a lady from Bible study
106. 2:30 Sat on the couch and visited with Laura while holding a still-waking-up Anna
107. 6:30 Supper around the table with my family
108. Candle burning on the stove
109. After hours medical care
110. Late supper with my husband while the children watched a DVD.
111. The gift I bought Josiah has more function than we were originally told!
112. Witnessed Mom and Dad taking communion together.
113. Laughter: Josiah as he sloppily kissed/licked me.
114. When picking up pizza the cashier noticed my hands were full children and insisted on carrying the pizza to the car for me.
115. Valentines made
116. A sink to wash dishes in
117. A washing machine that holds big loads
118. Chrissy helping me try some new healthy eating recipes
119. Mud pies and tea parties on the porch
120. My sister swaps babysitting time. Just enough for a coffee break.
121. The presence of mind to sit an extra moment and pray. To thank the Lord that he is here with me. In my tiredness. In my mess.
122. Anna insisted that I pick her up. Then insisted that I rock and sing Jesus Loves Me. It almost undid me. I chose to live in the moment.
123. A long hug and tears.
124. Dear friends who will pray at the drop of a text
125. I feel the love of God when I show my children love.
126. Aliza told me that she prayed to tell God happy valentine's day, that she loves Him and that she knows that He loves her.
127. Afternoon at Mom's to make doughnuts
128. Found: bedroom floors and the floor of the car
129. The energy for a productive day
130. A check in the mail--that has been long in coming
131. Great big snowflakes
132. Little girls excited about new hair clips
133. Tucking Anna in her crib for the last time.
134. Working with Jeremy to rearrange bedrooms
135. Normal TSH
136. A plan on paper
137. The girls fell asleep on their own tonight
138. Hanging snowflakes
139. Grace to show hospitality
140. Forgiveness
141. Lots and lots of new library books
142. The bigs are playing and the little is sleeping. I took advantage of the moment and scrapbooked. Revives my soul!
143.  Our Moms who pray
144. Thankful tears
145. Know we are right where we belong--not overcommitted
146. Cheesecake!
147. Road trip with Mom and Janell
148. Conversation with a cousin
149. A day to scrapbook with extended family
150. A husband who lets me get away
151. Falling asleep--alone--when I wanted to and sleeping without interruption
152. A hot shower
153. A bagel for breakfast
154. Listening to my uncle's sermon
155. Anna coming to me asking to sing
156. Children big enough to help
157. Forgiving myself
158. Lego project with Josiah
159. Another late school day due to grocery shopping and lots of play time
160. Sunshine after rain
161. A big puddle to splash in on a kinda semi-warm day
162 Renee squeezes her eyes shut when she lays in my bed to take a nap
163. Lip syncing singer in the backseat of the car
164. The birthday boy falling asleep in my arms
165. A sister sharing her brother's joy

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