Monday, March 25, 2013

American Girl Store--Tyson's Corner

This was a day trip for Aliza. A visit to the American Girl doll store in Tyson's Corner, VA. Grandma Karen and Aunt Brandi came along. This trip was more of a tourist attraction than a shopping spree for us. I'll tell you all about it in photo journal style.

We embarked on our journey at 1pm. Aliza's girls (Marie-Grace, Kirstin, and Bitty Baby, Chocolate) are all buckled in the back seat. It was an hour and a half drive to Tyson's Corner from WV. Aliza was so excited. I had her watching for roads and exits to keep her occupied. 

After parking in the parking garage, Aliza got her girls settled in the stroller and put her bitty baby in the carrying pack. Janell acquired this American Girl stroller from one of Jeff's aunts and she let Aliza borrow it for this trip. It was just perfect. There were lots little girls with dolls in the store, but no other strollers. Aliza got lots of attention. She pushed her stroller all day without complaint.

Brandi and I carried the stroller up a flight of stairs to get out of the parking garage.
If Aliza was ever going to get hit by a car, it would have been walking to the store. The excitement was palpable and it took multiple reminders that we were on a road and there were cars coming to get safely into the store!
There were lots and lots of little girls looking at dolls! This store had 2 floors and Aliza wanted to go to the lower floor first. The lower floor had Bitty Babies and Just Like U dolls. Some displays were open and the dolls and accessories could be handled. Other displays were enclosed. At the end of the day Aliza said she really liked the open displays.
This is a shower/bathtub that Aliza has admired in the catalog for her doll house. Its' huge!
Waiting for the elevator was the only chance to grab a picture of Aliza with Grandma and Brandi.
I wanted to see this Volkswagen. It retails for $350, is licensed by Volkswagen, plays 70's tunes on the radio, the engine "runs", the lights work, etc. Aliza is listening to the radio.
A photo op with the 2013 doll of the year, Saige.
After exploring the upper floor we went back down to play with the interactive Bitty Baby display. A lot of the accessories were open to be tried out. Aliza spent quite a bit of time here.
Grandma babysat the girls.

After a solid hour in the store, the adults were ready for a drink and a break. Aliza wasn't so sure. The only way I got her out of the AG store was to tell her that there was a Disney store in the mall and we would be back to visit the AG store later. Lemonade and iced tea was very refreshing. (This is a very fun part of being a Mom! Making dreams come true!)
We walked around the rest of the mall and then went back to the AG store for supper. This meal was an event. Each of the dolls had their own seat. Aliza had to get each one out of the stroller and settled.
Aliza's smile didn't fade at all!
Aliza chose chicken noodle soup for her appetizer. She was really hungry. She ate every drop of soup in the bowl! On the table was a box of conversation questions. This was perfect for us. We asked and answered lots of questions. My favorite question to Aliza was "What is the perfect age? Why?" She said 8 or 12. Because I'll be able to read American Girl chapter books without Mommy's help.
It was the end of our day and Aliza had really been awesome and I guess it was a moment of weakness. Our waitress asked if it was Aliza's birthday. She said yes and I sprung for the birthday package. Aliza was positively thrilled. She and her girls received birthday crowns.
After the soup, Aliza could barely contain herself. She talked and talked and talked (as she had been all day), but this was up a notch. I had to keep reminding her to sit down and talk quieter. Her chair got closer and closet to Brandi. She was so anxious for her cake to arrive.
The girls crowns got turned upside down.
The cake finally arrived! The cafe sang Happy Birthday and Aliza blew out the candles.

We enjoyed cake and ice cream for dessert and we got to take the leftovers home. Aliza also received a goody bag which included a birthday t-shirt for her Bitty Baby.

Aliza and I agreed that she would make her purchasing choices after supper. She had a $25 budget and she wanted to get an accessory for both Marie-Grace and Chocolate (the Bitty Baby). She chose an accessory set for Marie that included a cake just like the one we ate, a bowl of ice cream and a cup of pink lemonade. I thought this was a very nice memory for the day. For Chocolate she chose a snack set that she has had her eye on for a long time.

I was so proud of her for enjoying the store and the day without asking for every single thing in the store!

We were all so tired when we got in back in the car at 8pm for the drive back to WV. Aliza didn't fall asleep though. She kept up the chatter the whole way home. We talked and talked and talked about the store and our favorite memories of the day.