Saturday, March 5, 2011

Disruption Continues

(I just noticed this is my 500th post!)

Aliza was a trooper and did her very best to enjoy her birthday. She had such a great attitude when she found out her party was going to be smaller since she was sick. I thought Josiah was getting better yesterday. He was not feverish and had a pretty good energy level. Jeremy put in a full day of work and tylenol kept Aliza's fever under control.

Then last night was horrible. Josiah got hotter and hotter throughout the night. Aliza and Josiah were both crying in their sleep, kicking their legs and waking up frequently. Jeremy's parents are here for Aliza's birthday party so Aliza and Josiah are both camping out in our room again. We heard every noise and really got no sleep. At 5am I decided that I was taking Josiah to immediate care today and soon after Aliza woke up I decided I was taking her also.

Jeremy woke up feeling bad again. He went to immediate care on Thursday and is on antibiotics for a sinus infection. So Grandma Karen and I took Aliza and Josiah to immediate care. Bottom line. Josiah has a throat infection and Aliza has a throat and ear infection. Could be strep but neither one allowed that test to be done. They are both on antibiotics and hopefully will feel much better in a day or so.

I will be so glad when everyone is healthy and happy again. I held up pretty well during the week, but last night and today just about did me in. Having my partner in life down for just about a week now has been tough! There have been many moments that I have been thankful that Anna is such a content baby. She has had to entertain herself more than once this week while Josiah or Aliza or Jeremy has needed my attention.

Speaking of Anna. She has started to laugh out loud more easily. It is so cute.

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