Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parent Child Dedication

The first event of the weekend was Anna's Baby Dedication. This is always a special time of committing ourselves as parents to training Anna to love the Lord with all her heart, soul, and mind and to love her neighbors as herself. What an awesome responsibility. I'm so thankful for our families, our church family and friends who contribute to her walk with the Lord and who support Jeremy and I as we raise our children.

I was really looking forward to this service. Jeremy put together a song list of Jesus Culture music. Music that really means a lot to me right now. Mom was off work so she was taking care of children so I thought I had a chance to listen to the sermon. It didn't happen that way. During worship Aliza and Josiah collided and Aliza busted her lip. Her lip was huge within minutes and upon closer inspection that piece of skin at the very top of the upper gum was torn. I could see a hole in her lip. I had a moment of fear that I was going to the Dr. instead of dedicating my child. Aliza was screaming and carrying on. Clearly I was out of the service at this point. I got her calmed down and found some ice. She was still howling whenever she felt her fat lip, but she stuck close to me and we survived. When I came back in the service it was time for the dedication and it was all I could do to keep Aliza quiet in the front. Disappointing...

I have some pictures though!

Anna. (I love that little face! Just a side note.) As I prayed for Anna during my pregnancy I prayed for lots of things, but I always came back to praying that Anna would choose to passionately follow Jesus through her life. That was, by far, the theme of my prayers. Elizabeth, Anna's middle name, means "consecrated to God." The Bible tells us about a woman named Anna in Luke 2:36-38. Anna was a prophetess. "She never left the temple, but worshiped day and night, fasting and praying." The other important part of this story to me is that Anna recognized Jesus when she saw Him. I want Anna to recognize Jesus when she "sees" Him. My hope is that Anna chooses to follow Jesus as the Anna in the Bible did. With a life devoted to Him. A life that honors Him above all. And with a heart completely surrendered to God.

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Connie said...

Love love love your pictures!!! It looks like the dedication turned out wonderfully, despite Aliza's lip. What a beautiful baby!