Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Call Us the Berenstein's

We have been reading a lot of Berenstain Bear's books recently. They seem to follow a pattern. A certain behavior deteriorates over time. Mama Bear gets fed up with that behavior. She gets Papa Bear on board. They tell Brother and Sister Bear the new rules and the family is much happier.

I suppose that is what has happened in the Heslop household. Mama Bear got tired of the craziness at the table and her childrens' pathetic eating habits. It happened over time for many reasons not the least was a pregnancy and subsequent newborn baby in the house. I made some rules, got Papa on board with me. Papa presented these rules at the supper table, and they were posted where everyone can see them. There has been an immediate attitude adjustment in the children; however, no one has had any snacks after supper yet.

There are going to be more measures taken in other areas of household life. That means Mama Bear is working hard during wake time and thinking hard during sleep time!


kater's mom said...

i LOVE this...and i do notttt think that my picky eater is too old for this...might steal some of these..... :]

Ventanas y Puertas said...

oh wow, mama bear! every rule on your list could apply directly to behaviour I have been fighting at my table!!! maybe I need to borrow your list.

Me said...

oops, that was me again, I didnt realize he was signed it

Christie said...

This is a great post! Think I might have to "scraplift" you list! :) We ALWAYS need help in this area.