Monday, March 21, 2011

Surprise Party

Jeremy's Grandpa turned 80! We spent the weekend in PA to attend his surprise birthday party. I think he was surprised and enjoyed the party. The party was from 1-4 in the afternoon. That is not a time of day that I have confidence in my childrens' stamina or behavior. They did very well. So well that I was able to enjoy the party. Anna was fabulous. She was passed around to so many people and didn't fuss one time.

We stayed with Jeremy's aunt and uncle. They really adopt us while we are there. The children are super comfortable with them and we make ourselves very much at home. Uncle Darryl does construction for a living so he has a truck full of tools. Josiah LOVED going out to the truck, sitting on the tailgate and looking at all the tools. He convinced Darryl to take him out to the truck at least 5 times. Darryl patiently described all the tools to him and answered all of the Josiah's "What's that?" questions.

Now that we've been married almost 10 years I'm starting to feel like I'm making a few connections in Jeremy's extended family. It's a good feeling.

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chrissy said...

Is this Jeremy's mom's dad or his dad's dad?