Friday, March 25, 2011

This Afternoon's Thought

First of all, Anna rolled from her back to her tummy this evening. It seems too soon! 4 months and 3 days.

I have no idea what started this line of thinking. I was feeding Anna and Josiah and Aliza were watching Diego (I think). Just a very ordinary moment.

My children have been the source of spiritual lessons over the years. They have really opened my heart to realizing how much God loves me. I love my children so much and so deeply. To think that God loves my children even more than I do is almost unimaginable. To think that God loves ME that much is also almost unimaginable.

And this is what I started thinking...

I know how much I tell my children I love them and how much of an effort I make to show each of them that I love them. I just bet that since God loves me so much he goes to great lengths to show me that he loves me.

Then I thought how sad I would be and how my heart would hurt if my children missed it. If they ignored my affection to them. If they brushed away my efforts to show them my love. I thought how crushed I would be if they grew up and left home with the belief that Mom and Dad really didn't care and certainly couldn't/wouldn't love them.

How often do I/we do that to God? He loves us like crazy and he goes to great lengths to show us and tell us and I/we brush Him off, push Him away, think he can't possible love the likes of us. It is tragic! I bet it breaks his heart even MORE than my children could break my heart.

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